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Customization and Scalability for Every Situation

  • Landline / Text messaging integration

    Business TextBox from Line1 provides two-way text messaging using your existing landline phone numbers. After a short eligibility check and verification process for your current business phone number, your business can instantly become text-friendly. Texts can be received through virtually any connected device, anywhere. Multiple staff can be notified of incoming texts. There are no hassles or changes with your phone company or phone system and no special equipment is required. Most businesses can integrate texting capabilities on their current business phone number in minutes.

  • Virtual Office

    Do you have multiple people working from different locations, their homes, or on the road? With Line1 Virtual Office, you can connect them all as if they were working from the same office. Every Virtual Office is custom configured. Our Call Announce feature enables call screening and routing options. Calls can be accepted, sent to voice mail, to another ‘Virtual Office Mate’, or to a menu of other options. Messages can be internally forwarded with comments, or simply pass calls to the appropriate landline or mobile number.

  • Office Network

    Phone system voicemail is great, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to use, usually requiring an administrator to make changes and program new extensions. It’s also expensive, and its capabilities are limited. Do you have an employee working from home this month? Does your salesperson want to take calls on their mobile phone today? Try programming these options into a typical in-house voicemail system. Office Network  is easier to use than conventional voicemail, is completely flexible and customizable - and it’s less expensive. There's no new equipment and nothing to break or service. Great for new business locations or businesses without a telephone system or an older system.

  • Property Manager Pro

    With Property Manager Pro, both your residents and prospects get the information and services they need! Prospective residents can hear about availabilities, amenities and specials (then leave a message if interested). Residents get guaranteed message delivery. If a resident leaves an emergency maintenance request, up to five members of your staff can be notified until someone takes responsibility for the call. We also email a copy of the message audio and (optionally) a transcription of the message to the property manager for review the following day. Property Manager Pro packages are fully customized for your property.

  • Conference Calling

    We offer a full suite of conference calling services spanning multiple platforms. Whether you need to hold a single call with a few people, weekly calls with your sales force, or investor relations calls with thousands of participants, we have the right solution. Our automated conferencing gives you 24/7 access without the hassle, time, and mistakes encountered when making conference reservations. Your permanent access number, participant PIN(s) and moderator PIN(s) are always available. Most plans bill only for time actually used. There are no setup charges, no monthly charges, no minimum charges.

  • Enhanced Voicemail

    We use state-of-the-art technology to enable advanced features. Receive Caller ID with messages even if your phone lines are not caller ID enabled. Receive notification that you have messages waiting via telephone, pager, fax, text message or a combination of all of these. Receive your messages via email. Have your voicemail converted to text. Ask callers a series of questions to which they can record individual answers. Give callers the ability to hear answers to frequently asked questions like what’s your fax number, or what are your business hours, or what are your specials. Fully customizable for every business type.

  • Automated Attendant

    Our Automated Attendant service answers your calls 24/7 or simply when you cannot (all lines busy, lunch, after hours). It provides frequently requested information like your address, fax number, or office hours. It also directs callers to the person to whom they wish to speak or leave a message. Fully customizable to meet your specific needs, it can be scheduled to change personalities and options appropriate to your business hours. Now you can handle calls like a Fortune 500 company for less than the cost of a phone line.

  • Information Line

    Coordinating and communicating with groups is hard work. We help make it a little easier. We can provide your group a permanent telephone number–not one that changes every time the leadership changes. Callers to your number will be able to hear recorded information about your group and/or leave messages for your leadership - perfect for sports teams, church groups, clubs or special events. There are no phone lines to install or maintain, no contracts or term commitments.

  • Voicemail Transcription

    Situations arise where time-sensitive information is critical, but it can't be digested in a phone conversation or voice mail retrieval.  That's where TalkScribe voice mail transcription services step in. Because the nuance of the spoken word is never truly understood by artificial intelligence, we use human transcribers to translate that nuance into text. You can experience TalkScribe in a quick demo or free trial and our rates are quite affordable. Just visit to learn more.

  • Find Me - Follow Me

    Are you chained to your desk? We didn’t think so… When you are away from your desk or from your office, your calls can follow you to your cell phone, home phone, or wherever is convenient for you. With optional Call Screening, the caller will be asked their name which will be played for you. You can accept the call or have the caller leave a message. With Message/Music-on-hold - your caller can hear a normal ring, music, or a customized message during the transfer. Features are user programmable via touch-tone phone or our web access tool. Great for business executives who are on the move.

  • Answering Service

    Would you trust someone you’ve never met who works as a part-time employee for another company to represent your business? We wouldn’t! We believe that every call should be answered immediately in a professional manner. Our automated state-of-the-art call management servers never wake up on the wrong side of the bed, never put your callers on hold, and never make you or your business look bad. We will work with you to design a tailored service that will answer promptly and professionally, give callers information they might need, take accurate and detailed messages, notify you of messages waiting, or even route the calls to you and your associates wherever you may be.