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Headquartered in Tallahassee Florida, Line1 Communications provides businesses with enhanced voice, text and voice mail transcription services across the U.S. and Canada. Custom inbound caller services with follow-me routing options, mobile and text integration with traditional phone services and systems, and voice mail transcription to text messaging devices are just the basic outline of what we do.

Line1 Communications continually strives to provide exceptional services and support that are on the leading edge of new technology development. Our Team is dedicated to support that vision, through constant interaction, continuous process improvement, discussion, informal meetings and training.

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Communication is the foundation of every successful organization. Managing traditional voice (telephone) communication is the first step toward that success. Connecting callers at the right time, with the right resource in your organization is critical. We'll help you map out the path to communication efficiency, making it simple for callers to get what they need.


Mobile communications have revolutionized the way people connect. Text messaging is a huge part of that. We text-enable existing business phone numbers so that businesses can communicate with next generation customers using next generation tools. As these tools evolve through technology, so do we. Get in on the conversation with Business TextBox from Line1.


Situations arise where time-sensitive information is critical, but it can't be digested in a phone conversation or voice mail retrieval.  That's where TalkScribe voice mail transcription services step in. Because the nuance of the spoken word is never truly understood by automated translation (artificial intelligence) we use human transcribers to translate that nuance into text.


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